Common Issues

Viruses and Malware have become the number 1 threat to your computers performance and also a common cause for you to lose data. To protect yourself be sure to have updated Anti-Virus software installed and be aware of offers in e-mails and online that seem too good to be true.  Many infections will come in through e-mail, often they are messages from people you know that have been infected.  Downloading free music from sites is also a common way to get a virus. Remember you’re downloading files from someone you don’t know, if that file is infected you’re pc will be infected too.

There are many Anti-Virus and Firewall softwares available. Norton 360 is one I recommend if you want to pay for it – if you want a Free Anti-Virus Program I recommend Microsoft Security Essencials or AVG.  Malwarebytes and CCleaner are also great ZFree programs to clean up your PC.

Hard Drive Failures are also fairly common – it could be a corruption of the operating system or a hardware failure. Backing up your Pictures, Documents and Music is crucial. If you can’t afford to lose it, back it up often. Depending on the amount of data you need to back up, a Flash Drive may be sufficient, otherwise purchase an external Hard Drive to back up your stuff in case of a failure. There are also online backup services to protect your data offsite for a monthly/Yearly fee.

Facebook and Identity Theft Sharing too much personal data online can make you a target of Identity theft. There are also Phishing Scams, websites, e-mails or phone calls that mimic a legitamite business, Bank or agency that is asking you for confidential information like passwords.  REMEMBER – NO NIGERIAN PRINCE IS GOING TO SEND YOU MONEY.

Your PC is Dead. There could be several reasons for this but it isn’t uncommon for power supplies to die causing your PC to not power on.





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